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One on One Agent Coaching

  • Are you interested in making more money by booking trips?

  • Are you tired of having low travel sales?

  • Have you recently felt like giving up on your travel agent career?

  • Have you been looking for guidance with literally no results?

  • Have you asked your host agency or fellow friends for assistance, but no one seems to be providing the information you need and you're feeling overwhelmed.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Luxe Travel By Jasmine can definitely assist you!!

Hi! I'm Jasmine!

Believe it or not, I was in the EXACT same place you're in! I literally had to learn everything from the ground up; how to navigate supplier websites, how to generate interest around my agency so that I could gain clients & most importantly how to balance it all with my full time career.

I've been blessed to sell well over $200K in travel sales within the last 3 months and I want to teach you how through our Coaching Calls and Mentorship Program!

  • Ideal for those who have just started their travel agent career!

    100 US dollars
  • Ideal for those who have immediate questions!

    60 US dollars
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