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About Me

Jasmine Gooch, Owner


Jasmine Gooch is the founder of Luxe Travel By Jasmine Travel Agency. Jasmine is passionate and determined to always provide the best results for every client. She has specialties and certifications in various aspects of travel (ie: Disney Certified, Destination Wedding Certified, etc).


As a travel agent, she finds every aspect of her career to be satisfying and a constant yet pleasant learning experience. In her career years, she has succeeded in organizing vacations as well as creating streamlined travel itineraries for clients of all ages. Jasmine is dedicated to delivering top-notch services at an affordable price, which is guided by being fully transparent and honest while providing my travel industry knowledge.  Let me use my passion to help you find the best deals within your desired budget for a memorable vacation of a lifetime! The real value in a travel agent is knowing your vacation is in good hands.
It costs you little to nothing to have my experience handling your trip from beginning to end.

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